Why Train Online or via Webinars?



train staff online or via webinarsWhen you need to carry out training for staff at different locations, Compliance Training Group can easily accommodate you by offering training via online or a webinar.

Compliance Training Group offers online training courses that are highly “interactive” and “informative,” which include pertinent laws, ethical and moral obligations, definitions, and fun learning games and quizzes that create a highly effective learning atmosphere.

The CTG online learning management system does not require downloading additional software as our courses open in any internet browser. The client can simply log on and self-enroll in any one of our online learning courses and receive generated email reminders. Our program also allows client administrators to upload company-specific material that can be used in conjunction with our course content. Upon course completion, a certificate of completion will be generated and provided to the attendee for the user's own personal records. Likewise, client administrators can also manage and track its employees' progress and completion of each subscribed online course and export the list to Excel for printing and filing. And, these are but a few features and amenities offered through our online course management system. Please be sure to view our sexual harassment online demo!

Train Staff Online Or Via Webinars

For clients with numerous staff members scattered throughout the United States, we offer another means of learning. Our webinars are conducted by a live-trainer and can be transmitted from computer to computer across the globe! The only tools necessary are a computer and either speakers, headphones, or a telephone. It's just that easy! This method allows a much more personal interaction between trainer and clients, which cannot be experienced through the online training courses.

Choosing our online courses or webinar trainings or even both will result in tremendous savings in travel time and expenses, and ensures that all your employees will undoubtedly receive all required periodic training.

Call us to learn more about custom-tailored workshops that include OSHA compliance and other popular programs which can be customized to meet your organization's training needs.