Sexual Harassment Training For The State of Maine



Maine is the first state to require sexual harassment training.  

Additionally Maine's sexual harassment training standards are some of the most rigorous, requiring all employers with 15 or more employees to provide training to supervisors and employees.  It's important when planning compliant sexual harassment training for employees and supervisors that state law is properly taken into account to guarantee compliance.Legal Issues Related to Sexual Harassment Training For The State of Maine

In Maine harassment base on sex is a violation of the Maine Human Rights Act.  In addition any requests for sexual favors, unwelcome implicit or explicit sexual verbal or physical advances, or retribution on the basis of someone rejecting these advances is considered sexual harassment. 

There are some restrictions that an employer should also be aware of including the rights and responsibilities of employees to report such actions as well as the importance of the consequences suffered by the alleged sexual harassment violation.  The employer is expected to exercise reasonable care to prevent and quickly correct the sexual harassment behaviors.

Another important aspect of Maine's sexual harassment law is that an employer may be deemed responsible for the actions of employees as well as supervisors if it was deemed that the employer, its agents or supervisory employees knows about or should have know about the behavior.

For more details visit the Maine Human Rights Commission website.

Sexual Harassment Training For The State of Maine

Your company may have to deal with costly legal issues and fines if there is a violation of Maine’s sexual harassment training statue. Maine’s Human Rights Commission can invoke criminal charges and fees if sexual harassment law including compliant sexual harassment training for the state of Maine is not provided. 

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