Nationwide Online Sexual Harassment Training



Compliance Training Group offers a dynamic eLearning solution that will enhance the way employees process information to memory. Compliance Training Group’s online sexual harassment training course materials offer learners the ability to reinforce their own specific learning modality to memory by offering enhanced visual, auditory and superior kinesthetic forms of learning at one time.


About Compliance Training Group eLearning

Compliance Training Group is a global provider of eLearning training modules. Online sexual harassment training courses are certified to provide you with training that complies with all state and federal employment regulations.

Most of Compliance Training Group’s courses are offered in one-hour and two-hour sessions, while our eLearning modules are available twenty-four hours a day. Compliance Training Group can be found on the web at and toll free at (800) 591-9741.

Online Sexual Harassment Training - A Great Fit

The best online training programs are easy and simple to start and manage, and should meet all your compliance requirements. Compliance Training Groups eLearning programs make selecting and implementing Online Sexual Harassment Trainingonline sexual harassment training programs fit within your organizations structures and schedules from start to finish. Our eLearning solution gives you complete control over course registration, notification of employees of training requirements and obligations., individual employee progress, and the ability to monitor policy acceptance and collect and retain documentation of course completion.   We make online sexual harassment training easy to implement and easy to manage.