Workplace Safety Evaluation



Accident Prevention Program

workplace safety evaluationWork-related accidents create additional financial burdens for businesses. Hidden costs include lost production, the cost of hiring and retraining new employees, overtime, repair or replacement of damaged equipment, and reduced efficiency due to poor morale. All businesses should periodically have a workplace safety audit.

Our interactive workplace safety evaluation process can reduce or prevent potentially serious, expensive, and time-consuming problems. An effective accident prevention program will result in fewer accidents, improved employee safety, lower insurance costs, and add a dramatic decrease in the hidden costs associated with accidents.

As we help identify or verify potential hazards, management can develop strategies and revise existing policies to improve vulnerable areas of the workplace. Our objective is to assist employers in preventing or minimizing any potential loss associated with workplace accidents and OSHA fines.

Some of the services we offer include assistance to employers through on-site visits, telephone support, informational pamphlets & fliers, continuing educational OSHA compliant outreach training programs. All the services provided by Compliance Training Group are offered throughout North America.

If you need assistance with developing or improving workplace safety programs please feel free to call or email us for more information.  If you would like more detailed information in a response please fill out this more detailed form which gives us more direction when providing information.