Workplace Safety Services



Workplace Safety Services Welding PictureCompliance Training Group has the knowledge and experience to assist you in improving your safety statistics and your bottom line.

Using Compliance Training Group to advise you on critical safety issues is a cost-effective way to implement targeted, results-orientated strategies and programs. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise of workplace processes and OSHA regulations enable us to identify and correct work practices that are likely to cause illness, injury or even death.

Our services include but are not limited to: safety audits, accident investigations, personnel environmental monitoring, writing and implementing safety programs and procedures, and health and safety training sessions.

If you are in need of workplace safety services consulting please contact Compliance Training Group for a free estimate.  We will help you assess your needs and develop a workplace safety program with you to ensure that you reach all your workplace safety goals.

Any and all information concerning your organization is strictly confidential.