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video training Compliance Training Group’s convenient online training makes it easy to meet your state’s compliance requirements. Our popular,self-paced supervisor and employee courses allow the individual learners to take the course at their leisure over the course of a month.

Don’t miss this opportunity to save 10% on every enrollment you purchase, as you protect your organization from costly litigation costs that can have an adverse effect on moral, productivity and your organization’s reputation.

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Sexual Harassment Awareness eLearning

video training eLearning courses on Sexual Harassment Awareness are now available for executives, supervisors, and employees. We offer two-hour courses that satisfy specific state laws, such as California (AB 1825, U.S. Government Code 12950.1), Maine (Maine Revised Statute, Title 26, Section 807), and Connecticut (General Statutes, Section 46a-54 (15) (B) and 46a-54-204) as well as a general two hour course for all other states. California courses are available in Spanish and English language.

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Why Should I take Sexual Harassment Training?

harasser Sexual harassment employee and supervisor training is not required under federal law. However, several states have enacted legislation specifically requiring employee and/or supervisor sexual harassment training. Even if not required in a state in which you employ personnel, the Supreme Court's landmark decisions in the 1998 Faragher and Ellerth sexual harassment cases, subsequent court decisions and EEOC Guidelines make it clear that sexual harassment training is crucial. To raise a defense or avoid punitive damages in sexual harassment lawsuits, employers must prove they have provided periodic sexual harassment training to ALL employees.Read More

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Employers who, in good faith, provide training, develop a comprehensive harassment policy and act appropriately when complaints are reported to human resources are in a reasonably good position to defend the organization should a compliant be made against them.

Compliance Training Group trainers and instructional designers are in a unique position to assist employers achieve this goal by designing eLearning and onsite courses which meets compliance requirements and promotes an adherence to the organizational policy, state and federal law.

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