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Program Overview

hr workplace training affiliate program signupCompliance Training Group (CTG) a division of Employers Choice Online, Inc., will offer a referral fee for every new client opportunity developed though the hr workplace training affiliate program in accordance with the considerations below.

Referral fees are payable net 15 calendar days, upon CTG’s receipt of payment from the referred client.

Affiliates will have access to marketing materials to support their promotion of CTG services, and may request, in writing, to use CTG logos, service marks, and other copyrighted material, upon approval from CTG.

Due to the nature of our engagements as well as state and federal law requirements, CTG will contract directly with the client, and throughout the project, will communicate with the client and Affiliate regarding all project details, if requested by the Affiliate.

Step 1: Become an Affiliate

To become a registered CTG Affiliate, simply:

Step 2: Refer a New Client

To refer a new client to CTG:

Exclusions & Limitations

Exclusions and limitations to this program include:

Other Conditions

Affiliates can be individuals; Affiliate accounts are not required to be business entities. Law firms, HR consulting firms, temporary employment agencies, investigation agencies, and insurance agencies may qualify for the HR Workplace Training Affiliate Program. CTG has full discretion in granting Affiliate registration. CTG can revoke Affiliate status at any time and retains the right to discontinue the program at any time.

CTG reserves the right to change the referral fee percentages, in writing, within a 30 day period. Rules governing this Affiliate Program are subject to current prevailing program terms, which are subject to change without notice.

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Join our affiliate program and receive a commission for all services you refer to Compliance Training Group. Referral fees are provided for training, webinars and monthly consulting.

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