Benefits of E-Learning

We are an industry leader in long distance online training services. Here are some compelling reasons why you should choose long distance online training.

Training is Self-paced

Long distance online training allows the attendees the ability to pace themselves based on their understanding of the material, without having to be concerned about how other attendees may be doing. Attendees can log off, log out or even pause the training at their leisure.

However, they will not be able to “fast forward” the slides, giving you the confidence of knowing when the attendees log back in, they will be taken to the slide where they were when they left off, preventing them from skipping a beat.

Tracking Capabilities

Reports are generated in real-time. You will know immediately who has or has not taken the workplace training. You can also find out how a particular attendee responded to a quiz question. Progress reports can be conveniently emailed to you as often as you wish.

Very Flexible Training Schedule

Long distance online training allows the attendees to pick the day and time that work best for them.

Cost Effective

Long distance online training allows those with other priorities or on a fixed budget or to spread their training dollars farther. No travel is involved, therefore saving your company from having to incur unnecessary travel expenses when training your employees.

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Certificates of Completion

Once they have passed the course, all attendees will have the ability to generate their own certificate of completion for their personnel file. Their certificates can also be saved electronically, which is environmentally friendly. This saves you from having to print them out and waste paper and storage space.

Some states have special training requirements such as California SB 1343 and these certificates provide a permanent record of the completed courses.

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