Former Volleyball Coach & Cal Poly Finalize Separation Agreement

Former Cal Poly volleyball coach Jon Stevenson will receive most of the money owed to him under his prior contract, according to a separation agreement obtained Thursday by The Tribune.
Additionally, Cal Poly has limited the chance of future sexual harassment allegations against Stevenson, who was relieved of his coaching duties by athletic director Don Oberhelman on Sept, 1.

As outlined in the separation agreement, the university will pay $133,980 and honor 440 hours of vacation to part ways with Stevenson, who was removed as head coach in September before a 2010 investigative report detailing sexual harassment and bullying charges against him was made public.

In return, Stevenson is prohibited from initiating contact with any current players, their parents or any other Cal Poly coaches or Athletic Department personnel.

Stevenson can attend graduate classes at Cal Poly if he wants to further his education, but has been disqualified from future consideration for any position within the university.

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