Substance Abuse Awareness Training

Our substance abuse training is designed for employees and supervisors. This is because an increasing number of businesses, regardless of industry, are being affected by employee substance abuse. The U.S. Department of Labor has estimated that workers with substance abuse problems account for 16 times more absenteeism than employees who do not abuse illicit drugs. Additionally, OSHA has found that around 65% of workplace accidents involve workers with substance abuse issues.

A Safer Workplace Through Education

Substance abuse awareness training is designed to help supervisors and employees create a safer workplace. Many goals can be accomplished by implementing a substance abuse awareness training program, effective substance abuse policy, a compliant employment background screening and drug testing program . These goals may include:

  • Reducing workers’ compensation claims
  • Reducing the number of on the job accidents
  • Increasing awareness of the symptoms that indicate an individual may be abusing drugs or alcohol
  • Improving employee attendance
  • Boosting productivity
  • Promoting a healthier bottom line
  • Building a strong, reliable workforce
  • Reducing theft in the workplace

Understanding the Problem
Most people probably aren’t aware of how many employees are affected on a daily basis by substance abuse. This is a problem that strikes employees in organizations of every size, and it stretches to include all industries. Some industries tend to have higher occurrences of substance abuse problems. People in occupations like Construction, Manufacturing, Food preparation, Food service, Transportation and Hospitality are more likely to fall prey to substance abuse issues. However, it’s not unusual for white collar professionals to also be affected by substance abuse issues on the job. Consequently, these training programs may prove to be valuable across a wide spectrum of industries.

The Training Program
Most substance abuse training programs can be completed within 2 hours in either English or Spanish. These sessions help separate fact from fiction and allow workers to understand how even casual drug use can seriously impair their safety in the workplace. Additionally, employees who do not struggle with substance abuse issues will gain increased insight into how to identify a potential problem and supervisors will learn to approach an employee they suspect is under the influence or impaired while on company time and property.

Substance abuse awareness training should be an indispensable part of any workplace. Without it, employees are at greater risk of injury or death while on the job. Because substance abuse problems affect so many workers in so many different industries, it’s important that such programs be implemented on a wide reaching basis. Doing so can ensure productivity and safety at work.

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