California Governor Signs Bill To Help Protect Female Farmworkers from Sex Abuse

A new Senate Bill was passed this week that focuses specifically on sexual harassment prevention in the farm worker community. Senator Bill Monning sponsored Senate Bill 1087, which will now require sexual harassment training for farm supervisors, employees and labor contractors. In addition, the bill will deny licenses to farm labor contractors that have been found to have committed sexual harassment within the past 3 years. According to Senator Monning, the need for the bill stems from frequent sexual harassment and sexual assault, including rape, which occurs within the farm worker population.

SB 1087 is technically an amendment to California’s existing Farm Labor Contractor Act. The Bill requires Sexual Harassment Prevention training for all licensees and their supervisors. In addition, the Bill also requires that all non-supervisory employees be trained at the time of hire and at least once every two years after being hired.

You can read sb 1087 in its entirety here:

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