Retaliation for Sexual Harassment Claims is Illegal

Sexual harassment is a very serious workplace issue and should be dealt with before major problems occur. It is essential to understand the underlying causes of sexual harassment claims and have a clear policy posted in all workplaces.

Denver Sheriff’s Captain believes she’s being retaliated against for filing a sexual harassment complaint against a coworker.

The Denver Police Department is investigating the “Denver Sheriff’s Foundation,” a nonprofit organization headed by Denver Sheriff’s Captain Cheryl Arabalo for the possible misuse of funds.

Arabalo says the timing of the investigation is suspicious because she is about to return to work after being suspended for 70 days without pay, the longest suspension in the department’s history.

Arabalo said “I don’t know why suddenly, months later, there’s an investigation, but I do believe it probably stems from this person out of retaliation for raising the sexual harassment claims against him. In an email I sent to the State Investigator, I said I was afraid to do it because I knew I might suffer retaliation.”

Protect your company from false claims by keeping all management level employees trained and updated on all changes in employment law.

Read more about Arabalo’s story.

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  1. This is not a false claim. I was sexually harassed in the workplace. Instead of doing the proper thing, the Department attempted to discredit my name and my reputation, treating me as if I was the problem, not the perpetrator. I had a 18 year spotless record at work prior to my claim. Now, the criminal investigation is over, and there were no criminal findings, as I stated I had done nothing wrong. The treasurer of the foundation was the coworker/superior that I had filed a sexual harassment complaint against 13 months ago (not suspect at all). I have been at home on investigatory leave for the last 6 months while the perpetrator of the harassment has yet to be disciplined and remains working in the same position. I still remain at home on leave even though the criminal investigation is over. Our tax dollars at work. I have a degree in Management/HR, and I would agree that you should protect your company from lawsuits, not false claims, by training your employees in the proper procedures regarding sexual harassment claims! Not all claims of sexual harassment are FALSE, as you would like to insinuate. When they are treated as such, and are actually real, then you have a problem that leads to litigation. It should never have come to this point.Other agencies should learn from this I agree. Make sure that you do the right thing when an allegation is raised, don’t try to destroy the victim in order to protect the perpetrator. Cheryl

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