SCORM is a Tool That Allows Efficient, Effective Online Training



SCORM Compliant Employee Training SoftwareSCORM is an acronym for "Sharable Content Object Reference Model." It is essentially a set of technical standards developed for eLearning software products to ensure uniformity. SCORM mainly enables interoperability between eLearning software products. In the event your company decides to not have Compliance Training Group host your Learning Management System (LMS), you will still own the SCORM file containing the training material, which will work seamlessly with any other LMS you choose. Our courses are recommended to be viewed on desktop devices for optimal use. For a nominal fee we offer updates to the SCORM file every two years, including new legal updates, statistics, videos, and quizzes. For more information about licensing, copyright and proprietary rights, contact us. To learn more about SCORM file system requirements, please visit our LMS System Requirements page.

Successful eLearning platforms are nearly always developed with the usage of a SCORM, a collection of standards and specifications for web-based eLearning.

Development of the most successful eLearning programs require a combination of industry-specific software and instructional design. The best providers of eLearning systems have developed successful eLearning modules through the use of a Learning Management System (LMS), specialized software used for the delivery, tracking and management of the training module. These SCORM files exchange information between the content on the consumer-side and the run-time environment (normally called the host system), which is a common function of a LMS. SCORM also defines how content may be packaged into transferable .ZIP files for distribution. Under the best circumstances, an Instructional Designer, with expert-level experience relating to the module’s subject matter, develops instructional tools and content to facilitate stimulating, interactive learning.

Compliance Training Group’s new online training platform was specifically designed using SCORM to help employers control costs while remaining in compliance with their own organization’s regulations as well as State and Federal requirements (in some cases both). Using a LMS eLearning platform can reduce costs by as much as half versus traditional in-person training.

Some things to consider when looking to purchase a SCORM file: Is the company reputable, licensed, do they meet the requirements of a “qualified trainer?” Will they stand up for you in court if necessary? Are their courses SCORM compliant?

For more information on SCORM compliant eLearning courses, contact support, or call (800) 591-9741.